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December 14, 2020

Meet our technical lead Geir Iversen – an experienced programmer devoted to complex problem solving

As a technical lead, Geir is responsible for writing high-quality code and providing leadership and mentorship for other software engineers.

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December 10, 2020

One small step for integrity management can be one giant leap for digitalising your operations

Jason Brown and Ronny Øye of Aize say that they want to save companies from “Excel Tyranny”. And while they mean no offense to the highly effective spreadsheet tool, these two believe that it’s simply no way to manage the integrity of your assets.

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December 8, 2020

Meet an Aizer – Our talented and creative senior UX designer with love for data-driven design

As a UX designer, Alina’s job is to create consistent visual components for all the ongoing projects and applications at Aize. 

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December 3, 2020

The James Bond of heavy asset inspections

Scotland-native and long-time Aker employee Fergus McCann reflects on the 30+ year journey that led to the software that is today known as Aize Integrity Elements.

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November 19, 2020

We aim to take the pain out of industrial transformation

Aize is a software product company established to facilitate faster, cheaper and more efficient execution of capital-intensive projects and operations.

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