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Aize transforms data into digital twins

Have you ever run a project without misunderstandings, tedious iterations, outdated information, or suboptimal handovers? Are you operating your assets with no integrity, maintenance or performance issues?

If yes, you're a true wizard of wizards. See how to join our team below.

If not, as for most of us, reach out to join our mission. We offer and develop industrial software that enables digitalisation of end-to-end processes for capital-intensive industries. We build open software products that turn your data and unsolvable problems into digital twins and industrial solutions, solving your toughest industrial challenges. 

Aize will provide all of your partners with all relevant information, through advanced digital twins covering the full life cycle of an asset, and domain-specific applications.

Our solutions are powered by Cognite Data Fusion


Aize Insight Portfolios


Concept Insight

Next generation concept development to assess and decide concepts in days over months.


Engineering Insight

Engineering and supplier interaction accelerated from weeks to minutes. No more running in circles. 


Construction Insight

Replacing the paper mill with a connected, digital workplace to reinvent collaboration and drive efficiency.


Operational Insight

Use real-time condition, risk and performance data for quick and targeted decision making.



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Developer? Got skills to work for Aize?

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It's not just a job. It's a software adventure.

Aizers are obsessed with creating software products that will transform industries and increase value for our customers. We find pleasure in taking on the most daunting tasks, and we always follow through. We say no to unnecessary bureaucracy, always speak our mind, and ultimately win as one team. 

Reach out to discuss job opportunities within software engineering, product management, user experience and interface, customer success, corporate development, sales and marketing. 

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Executive Management Team

Experience from software development, oil services, E&P, and consulting

Jarle Skrebergene

CEO & Co-founder

Håkon Høgetveit


Ragnar Kjos


Frode Strand

CTO & Co-founder

Ann-Kristin Takle

SVP Customer Success

Sigmund Mongstad Hope

SVP Industry Applications & Co-founder

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