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The Toughest Job in the World Awaits

October 12, 2021 1 minute read

The energy transition is “the toughest job in the world”. Aize has already gotten started, alongside the other companies in the Aker group.

The future of the global economy and our collective well-being requires a comprehensive response to the climate crisis, including a transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

Energy is inextricably linked to people’s quality of life. That’s why an upheaval in the energy sector affects each and every one of us, no matter where in the world we live. The green energy transition will require a substantial financing effort and new regulatory frameworks and policies that incentivise the market. It will require replacing millions of jobs in the fossil-fuel sector, and ensuring a just transition for all.

Today, the Aker group’s commitment extends from oil and gas to renewable energy and clean technologies, marine biotechnology and industrial software. As a group, we have access to world-class industrial capabilities and we work together to ensure that oil and gas is produced with the lowest emissions possible. Simultaneously, we invest in clean energy solutions to reduce emissions, build new industries and create green jobs for the future. We solve major challenges by combining a willingness to invest and new digital technology, with the expertise of creative problem-solvers.

Aker Horizons’ ambitions for 2025 is to contribute with:

  • At least NOK 100 billion in investments in renewable energy and green technology
  • Emission cuts of 25 million tonnes of CO2 per year, equivalent to half of Norway’s annual emissions
  • Ten gigawatts of renewable energy capacity, equivalent to 25 per cent of Norway’s total power consumption

To support this effort, Aize has launched a five-year program with Aker Horizons to integrate digital into their companies within renewable energy and low-carbon solutions, from development through to operations.

With a 180-year industrial track record and a shared drive to solve complex issues, the Aker group is ready to take on the energy transition challenge. But we can’t do it alone. We have therefore initiated a campaign calling for collaboration across industry, society and politics to navigate the energy transition and ensure that Norway is at the forefront of its industrialization.

At Aize, we know that real heroes don’t come from Hollywood, but from our Norwegian shipyards, offshore oil and gas installations, from wind farm operations, and from behind computer screens developing pioneering software and using industrial data to drive innovation. Together, we are ready for “the world’s toughest job.”

We’ll take it from here, Chuck!

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Trine Bratt Stølsnes

Post written by Trine Bratt Stølsnes

Trine is a marketing enthusiast who loves to see the effect of marketing and communications when strategy is turned into action. She is Head of Marketing in Aize and has held similar positions in Visma Software and Basware Corporation. She comes from Norway's palm coast, Kristiansand.

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