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Meet Our New Aizers - The Tech Team Is Expanding

May 26, 2021 3 minute read

During the past month, many great people have joined us and our tech teams. We’ve had a chat with three of them to hear what brought them to the world of technology and Aize.

<< This industry is changing every day and there’s always something new to learn. You never get bored! >> says Helari, our new front-end developer.

They shared their best career advice for young people and even some code humour – have a read to get to know them a little better. Trust us, they’re worth it! 

Helari Sosi, 26, Front-end developer

helari sosi-minHome country: Estonia
Education: Health Sciences and Sports at Tallinn University & Full Stack Developer at School of Applied Technology
Childhood dream:
I wanted to be Robin Hood

How did you end up working in technology?

“It’s been on my mind since I can remember, I built my first computer from scratch when I was 13 years old. At first, I started studying Health Sciences and Sports but soon realised this wasn’t for me. After traveling and trying different jobs, I understood that working in IT is what I want to do. This industry is changing every day and there’s always something new to learn. You never get bored!”

What’s your career advice for young people today?

“I think a lot of young people feel the pressure to know what they want to do straight after high school. It’s not easy! My advice would be to take some time off before you go to university. Maybe travel and see the world a bit, or work at a local animal shelter? Take your time to figure out what you want to do.”

What’s your favorite thing about working in Aize?

“All the people I’ve met and talked with have been really positive and ambitious, which has made the onboarding easy and exciting. I believe that this company has a bright future and will help me grow as a developer.”

Matt Berry, 29, Software Operations Consultant

matthew berry-minHome country: Scotland
Education: BA (Hons) Management (Outdoor Pursuits) University of Glasgow
Childhood dream:
I wanted to be a paleontologist or a volcanologist! That never quite worked out.

What impact do you make through your work in Aize?

“I want to contribute to producing outstanding products that improve safety and efficiency in hazardous environments. I'm also looking forward to seeing our products make renewable energy industries even cheaper and more viable to operate.”

What's your career advice for young people today?

“Anything can be learned and people notice effort as well as skill. So apply for that job and work hard to find success!”

What's your favorite thing about working at Aize?

“I enjoy the social aspect of the work and how helpful everyone has been during my period of onboarding.”

Share a tech-related one and make us smile!

“How many developers does it take to change a light bulb? - None. It's a hardware problem.”

Juan Sebastian Montoya Rodriguez, 33, Senior Software Developer

Sebastian rodriguez-minHome country: Colombia
Childhood dream: Build robots

How did you end up working in technology? 

“I discovered my love for programming at university. I got into it by first doing backend-related programming, mostly fixing bugs. By fixing stuff you develop strong skills within critical thinking and learn to see things from multiple perspectives. I like reading about technology and programming during my free time and enjoy doing projects just for learning purposes and for the fun of it.”

What impact do you make through your work in Aize? 

“I try my best to always keep the mood up and to help my colleagues achieve greatness while learning from everyone. I'm quite curious and intrepid, hence I'm always trying to learn and progress.”

What’s your career advice for young people today?

“If you have something in mind, overcome your fears and just go for it. Failing is part of the journey as well and you can't expect everything to work out. You have to fall to mature but once you have failed, dust off and rise. You're the only one who can pull yourself up, don't wait for someone else to do it for you.”

Share a tech-related joke and make us smile!

The JavaScript side of the force is a path that leads to many abilities, some might consider unnatural."

We hope you liked our new Aizers as much as we do. Want to read more about our Aizers? Click here for the article about our tech lead Kevin, or here for the tech journey of four of our women in Aize!

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