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We’re looking for digital prodigies who can help solve the most daunting industrial challenges out there. Developers are in particularly high demand, but we’re building an entire organisation.

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Who are we

Who are we?

We’re part developers, part explorers

As an Aizer you’ll be working with uncharted territory. Literally. It’s why we exist.

We bring eyes to the bottom of the North Sea and ears to the inner workings of manifolds. You don’t casually go and inspect these things; they’re either in the dark or unaccessible. But the stuff we create gives our clients a read anyway.

There’s no template for what we do. Your tools will be familiar, but as an Aizer you’ll be doing lots of firsts. So you need a coder’s brain and the heart of an explorer.

Is that you? A Roald Amundsen of Python? An Amelia Earheart of C#?

Then, my friend – you’ve found a home.


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Who are we

Are you serious?

You don’t need a suit to be serious

Aize is shaped by those who work here, not the other way around. Introvert, extrovert, posh or casual – come as you are and do what you are best at. Our projects are extremely complex, so we thrive on diversity and fresh perspectives.

Are you keeping up?

Be dynamic

Collaboration is the answer

You’ll never hear us say “that’s not how we do things around here”.

We serve in an ever-changing environment, and our approach has to be dynamic. Aize is a continuum of competencies, and we embrace radical collaboration. Results matter, not the process.

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We need you

Formidable, delightful deliveries

More of an ecosystem than a workplace

We commit ourselves to solving supremely demanding tasks, and we deliver. No excuses.

But while our missions are monumental, we go at them with a light heart. Banter bounces off the walls here, playfulness unites us.

So yeah – you’ll have a desk, but you’ll also have a ping-pong table and a fridge brimful of RedBull or Coke or whatever fuel it takes to keep your wits sharp.

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"We're always supported with what we do here at Aize and there's a unified focus for us to achieve our goals”

Kevin Balouch | Engineering Manager - Backend at Aize

Read Kevin's story here

We are Aize

Come as you are, be who you are and do what you're best at. We will give you the tools to do great!

While (developing)

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Developer? Do you have the skills to work for Aize?

But while our missions are monumental, we go at them with a light heart. Banter bounces off the walls here, playfulness unites us.

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