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Everyone in a Single Source of Truth

March 3, 2022 2 minute read

Digitalisation brings in more and more specialist applications, resulting in an ever-increasing volume and complexity of data. The side effects are siloed data sources, multiple data formats, low data accuracy, poor data accessibility, and a lack of collaboration between teams. This is especially evident in large-scale, capital-extensive projects and operations. As identified by our customers, capturing and storing vast amounts of data is only part of the deal. They already see the value in information being put into context to be helpful and, as a consequence, valuable.

A critical step these companies made to get more value out of their data is to have everyone work within a single source of truth - from offshore to onshore.

One tool to rule them all

The single source of truth is the foundation of Aize - a single collaborative solution where all stakeholders can make decisions based on the exact and up-to-date information. Integrating third-party apps with Aize makes all engineering and operational data readily available. Aize enables domain experts to view and navigate the information model in whatever perspective fits their expertise.

... where you can visualise

3d-model-shape-minAize is browser-based, allowing you access from anywhere you are, on any device, without installing any software. Once you log in, you can select the project you are working on to display a highly accurate 3D model of your real-world asset. Advanced visualisation capabilities allow you to isolate the equipment, systems and areas to help you focus on what is relevant. Clipping layer by layer, you can explore the model in any direction to uncover the most intricate details and hidden bottlenecks. If you prefer simplified 2D, traditional documents like P&IDs can be merged in 3D, enabling you to compare the two perspectives in two dimensions to help you understand the context visually.


... where you can navigate

Having everything in one place means navigating through all ingested data for further processing and analysis is possible with a single search query. Advanced filtering enables users to label selected search results and have them highlighted in the 3D model. Everything is interconnected, meaning you can travel around the model back and forth via multiple entry points based on the different perspectives of your expertise. For example, P&IDs have clickable hot spots, smart documents have quick links, and asset hierarchy is directly linked to the 3D model. This is how Aize removes barriers between datasets and unlocks a holistic approach to data retrieval.

... where you can collaborate

Aize brings collective understanding to light so that you know where you are - both in place and time. With Aize, maintenance and integrity engineers don’t need to send emails with attachments to see what’s going on. Design and structural engineers don’t need to hold unnecessary meetings to plan the following construction sequence. Collaboration is as easy as starting a chat thread, sharing a link to a particular object, and inviting planners, technicians or inspection coordinators to discuss it together in real-time. Transparency, traceability and accessibility of information help them make more accurate decisions faster and, most importantly, together.

... where you can optimise


Capital-intensive projects and operations can become money pits if activities get out of sync, leading to re-design, re-work and delays. Aize allows all stakeholders to plan, schedule, and optimise workflows collectively in real-time to adjust the scope, timing and sequence of planned activities together. Aize equips subject matter experts with various specialist niche tools to achieve end-to-end optimisation across your heavy asset lifecycle. Many of these tools are integrated and embedded, whilst some may be accessible as stand-alone tools to help them extract even more value from Aize.

... where you can integrate

Finally, when describing Aize, we know there might be a perception that we are trying to replace everyone - the next CMMS, DMS or ERP system or similar. That's not the case. Aize integrates your existing enterprise applications and any number of relevant third-party solutions so that you gain access to every piece of valuable data out there.

Aize is not a replacement. It connects the dots.


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Viktor Pika

Post written by Viktor Pika

Viktor Pika is a Product Marketing Manager at Aize. You can find him at the intersection of product, marketing and sales. His background comes from B2B SaaS enterprises in the Netherlands, Australia and Finland. He holds an MA in Media Innovation and loves to expose the impact of technology on people and businesses.

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