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Navigating the Digital Transformation Journey: Steady Progress, No Shortcuts

April 24, 2024 1 minute read

Digital transformation in the oil and gas industry is a journey that demands gradual evolution, building capabilities at each stage to unlock new value.

For instance, Reality Capture content, which initially supported operator familiarisation, can now underpin fabric maintenance anomaly detection through AI.

But this transformation is a meticulous process without shortcuts.

Clear Vision of the desired outcome

Particularly in brownfield facilities, significant efforts are needed to meet digitalisation goals.

The emphasis should be on refining and implementing cutting-edge processes and procedures. This will empower Maintenance and Operations teams to find, navigate, and visualise information efficiently.

The starting point of this journey, whether it be Documents & Tags, Reality Capture, or Backlog Visualisation, is less crucial than having a clear vision of the desired outcome.

This vision guides the identification and sequencing of the necessary building blocks. An evolutionary approach, focusing on gradual enhancements, is more effective than a sudden, technology-driven overhaul.

It’s great to have a picture of the gas compression plant showing anomalies on lines, but the key questions then become: Which system requires shutdown for spool replacement? Can Planned Maintenance be incorporated into this shutdown to prevent future outages?


Understanding that the journey isn't about abrupt, disruptive changes but steady, incremental progress and continuous improvement is essential.

Continuous improvement

The goal is to enhance efficiency and visibility. Organisations can fully leverage their data by improving their capabilities to find, navigate, and visualise information.

This boosts operational efficiency and enhances decision-making, risk management, and strategic planning.

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Mads Gudim Burheim

Post written by Mads Gudim Burheim

Mads worked as a journalist and project manager in Aller Media and Schibsted for 15 years before joining Aize as Senior Content & Communications manager. He loves writing, travelling and living in Oslo.

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