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Aize is Enhancing Productivity and Satisfaction in Oil and Gas Organisations

April 17, 2024 1 minute read

In the oil and gas (O&G) industry, technical staff often face the challenge of managing and validating vast amounts of data and documents. Aize, a platform used by many in the industry, has shown remarkable results in improving daily productivity.

According to a survey among Aize users, 72% report a significant boost in productivity, and 66% have seen substantial time savings in their roles.

Aize's cutting-edge elastic search capabilities enable users to navigate through data associated with the digital twin efficiently. Users can perform equipment-specific searches or use free text, like a "Google for industry," and refine and visualise search results in various formats.

Reducing time spent on information retrieval

The average engineer spends 20-50% of their workday searching for and verifying information. With Aize, 85% of users frequently use its search engine, significantly reducing the time spent on information retrieval.

In one survey, users claimed to save up to 90% of the time they previously spent searching for information. In another case involving an EPC player, users reported saving up to an hour daily by utilising Aize's search functions.

The impact of this productivity gain extends beyond individual benefits. 60% of surveyed users reported that the time savings positively affect their and their colleagues' workflow. Users noted they accessed critical information through Aize multiple times over a fortnight, information that would otherwise require contacting a co-worker.

Collaboration leads to work effectiveness and quality

Aize also facilitates collaboration. Users can easily share collections of tags relevant to their work, initiating discussions directly within the digital twin environment rather than through emails and screenshots.

Additionally, features like annotating documents enhance joint problem-solving and information sharing, which are integral to multi-disciplinary efforts. One O&G client reported saving over $600k in planning costs on a Turnaround (TAR) project, with search and collaboration features playing a pivotal role.

While the exact benefits of collaboration are challenging to quantify, user feedback indicates significant improvements in work effectiveness, quality, and precision. Aize aims to increase staff productivity by 20%-30%, or 3-5% of the OPEX cost base. How these gains are utilised varies: some companies have restructured and streamlined their teams, while others redirect the newfound capacity to other valuable tasks.

A major additional benefit is the users' appreciation for not having to engage in monotonous, non-value-adding tasks. They value having access to user-friendly, efficient tools at work, similar to what they experience in their personal lives.

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Mads Gudim Burheim

Post written by Mads Gudim Burheim

Mads worked as a journalist and project manager in Aller Media and Schibsted for 15 years before joining Aize as Senior Content & Communications manager. He loves writing, travelling and living in Oslo.

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