It's all about the human touch

We believe in seeing things differently to make a difference. Collaboration is at the heart of our business. We make data collaborate, so that people can collaborate – making the complex intuitive and removing inefficiencies from projects and operations.

We build software that radically transforms the way we run and operate heavy-asset projects.

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What we are about

What are we about?

Born to revolutionise project execution and operations

We see things differently.

Aize was born out of Aker to revolutionise project execution and operation in heavy-asset industries – using software to increase efficiency, improving collaboration and reducing cost. Expanding beyond the era of petroleum, and into renewables and other industries – as a consequence, we become a part of the big difference.

Heavy-asset projects have been managed, executed, and operated by the same principles for decades. But the way of working works – so why change it? Because the world is changing. We need to drastically change the way we harvest, produce, use  and reuse the resources of our planet. Incremental change is no longer enough – we have to transform how we behave, lead and operate. To make it happen. To succeed we have to radically change, by thinking, acting and seeing everything differently.

Enter Aize.


What we value?


Project execution is all about facilitating collaboration. Letting data collaborate. Creating applications that also let people collaborate. In the bigger picture, we humans got where we are because of our unique ability to work together.

There's not a challenge we can’t solve if we all pull in the same direction.

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What we value?


Curiosity killed the cat, they say. Well, luckily it has nine lives. Because at Aize, curiousity makes all the difference – literally. To see things differently, you have to be curious.

You need to always question what you see, look beyond what is in front of you and imagine how it could be better. You know what kills curiosity? Conformity. It’s a gateway drug to stagnation. So stay curious and stay away from conformity – isn’t that what it means to be a developer?

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What we value?


That was an odd value word, wasn’t it? Well, the reason these words exist is for you to have something to remember Aize by. So three words starting with a C sounded good. “Courage” might have worked. But would you have remembered?

Cucumber is to remind us that we need to be different. And we believe that we are the only company that uses this word to describe our values. So that’s different right there.

Where we come from

Where we come from?

Our deep industry roots sets us apart.

Magic and innovation happens when you put different shapes together to create something new. By seeing things differently. The ability to build on the strengths of your past whilst having the audacity to strip away what’s no longer relevant is what makes great things greater.

We’re uniquely positioned as a start-up to have the support of Aker ASA as our main owner, with its 180 years of industry experience, extensive global network of potential customers and considerable financial strength. Combined with the expertise that is accessible to us through collaboration with Cognite, Aker Solutions, Aker Horizons, and Aker BP, we have all the prerequisites to succeed with our mission.