Revolutionising Integrity Management

Aize Integrity Elements brings over 30 years of Integrity, Inspection and Corrosion Management software experience into the Cloud

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The challenge

A modern operating environment requires a new level of digital capability for Integrity Management.

Implementing this can be a challenging process. Some companies have very little digital support, some over-configure their systems, while others introduce new tools to an increasingly complex infrastructure.

The challenge is to tackle the systematic complexity and inefficiencies while preserving safe operations of the facility.


The solution

With Integrity Elements, we have integrated 30 years of experience with leading cloud technologies.

The result is a scalable, interconnected and future-ready solution. Our approach provides a clear picture of cumulative risks, deterioration mechanisms, and historical data to optimise and improve asset management and associated inspection strategies.


You’ll learn

You’ll learn about

  • How we have redesigned and transformed the industry standard in integrity support solutions
  • How you can use a modular design or “elements” to quickly install, scale and connect the application
  • How to expand and connect to existing enterprise infrastructures and data sources
  • How we interact with new automation technologies
  • Our developments in machine learning and advanced analytics
  • How you can deploy Integrity Elements as part of a Digital Twin suite
Who are we

Who should watch it

The webinar is for professionals from


  • Oil and Gas – Offshore and Onshore
  • Refining and Petrochemical
  • Power and Renewables
  • The Mining and Smelter Industry
  • Maritime/Shipping
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial, buildings and bridges
  • Utilities
  • Service Providers


  • Integrity Managers
  • Integrity Professionals and Engineers
  • Material and Corrosion Engineers
  • Inspection Engineers and Inspectors
  • Maintenance Managers and Leads
  • IT Professionals, Digital Solutions
  • Subsea Engineers and Inspectors
  • ROV Operators
  • Pipeline Engineers and Inspectors
  • Structural Engineers
  • Mechanical Integrity and Pressure Systems
  • Engineers
  • Fabric Maintenance Engineers
  • Surface and Coating Inspectors
  • In-Service Inspectors
  • NDT/NDE Inspectors
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The speakers featured in the webinar

  • Ronny-oye-portrait-1

    Ronny Øye

    Senior Manager
    Operational Insight Portfolio

    Ronny heads up the Asset Integrity software portfolio with main focus on supporting the development of Integrity Elements and Maintenance Elements. One of Ronny’s key roles is to make sure the experience within Aize, our clients and the wider market is captured to redesign and rethink the industry standard in integrity, inspection and corrosion management systems. Ronny has more than 25 years of leadership experience within business and project management, working with inspection and maintenance services for aircrafts to offshore and onshore oil & gas installations both in Norway and internationally.

  • Ian portrait 2x (1)

    Ian Smith

    Product Owner
    Integrity Elements

    Ian is a Principal Systems Analyst and is the product owner of our Coabis/Integrity Elements application. With a civil engineering background, Ian has more than 20 years experience in the design, development, deployment and support of software across a number of sectors, ranging from oil and gas to finance. Ian will be working with Aize’s dedicated customer success team to ensure a smooth transition from Coabis to Integrity Elements as well as the onboarding of new customers.

  • Jason portrait 2x (1)

    Jason Brown

    Vice President
    Head of Field Operations Solutions

    Jason heads up Aize Operational Insight portfolio and is heavily involved in the development and roll out of new solutions and smarter ways of working. With more than 20 years upstream and downstream experience, covering maintenance, modifications, operations and asset integrity management, Jason is a focused contributor to the industry’s current digitalization journey and has been responsible for a number of our key applications since 2012.


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