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Taking Pipeline Integrity Management to the next level

Learn how you can unleash the power of the cloud with the new Pipeline module of the Integrity Elements application. 

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The challenge

Tired of predicting the past?

Current inspection and data management techniques cause significant lags in the integrity cycle.

“It usually takes several months to get a total picture of the condition of the pipeline after an inspection is conducted, due to the several ‘hands’ the data passes through.”

Lisa Strachan, Senior Pipeline Engineer at Aker Solutions (all quotes)

This can be a challenge for Pipeline Integrity Engineers. They rely on accurate data to ensure safe and cost-efficient operations of the distribution networks. 


The solution

Get ready for some next-level Integrity Management

“Thanks to the digital twin, the inspection crew can upload the data and blitz through the findings while you sleep.”

This on-demand webinar showcases our digital twin, and how it dramatically improves pipeline survey data handling and analytics. We’ve taken 30 years of domain experience and coupled it with the power of cloud computing.

You’ll finally have a clear picture of cumulative risks, deterioration mechanisms, and historical data. So, dive right into the recording of the webinar and start optimising your Pipeline Integrity strategy today!

"By creating a set of rules for what qualifies to be an anomaly, the software can categorise it for you. This in turn allows the engineers on land to find critical anomalies for the vessel to check out while it’s still on site."



The value for you

You’ll learn about

  • How we have carried over the functionality from our industry leading software Coabis, and brought it up-to-date and future ready
  • The new key features we have developed 
  • How we have built on new cloud-based technology with greatly improved pipeline survey data handling and analytics
  • How you can use the Integrity Elements pipelines module to fast forward your day to day tasks
  • How Integrity Elements enables you to augment your own digital portfolio and strategies, using our API (Application Programming Interface) suite
  • Our exciting future technology roadmap

Who are we

Who should watch it

The webinar is for professionals from


  • Oil and Gas – Offshore and Onshore
  • Subsea and Onshore pipeline operators
  • Renewables 


  • Integrity Managers 
  • Integrity Professionals and Engineers 
  • Material and Corrosion Engineers 
  • Inspection Engineers and Inspectors
  • IT Professionals, Digital Solutions 
  • Subsea Engineers and Inspectors 
  • ROV Operators 
  • Pipeline Engineers and Inspectors 
  • IRM Service providers
  • The Curious
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The speakers featured in the webinar

  • Ronny-oye-portrait-1

    Ronny Øye

    VP Product Management
    Operate Product Portfolio 

    Ronny heads up the Asset Integrity software portfolio with main focus on supporting the development of Integrity Elements and Maintenance Elements. One of Ronny’s key roles is to make sure the experience within Aize, our clients and the wider market is captured to redesign and rethink the industry standard in integrity, inspection and corrosion management systems. Ronny has more than 25 years of leadership experience within business and project management, working with inspection and maintenance services for aircrafts to offshore and onshore oil & gas installations both in Norway and internationally.

  • Ian portrait 2x (1)

    Ian Smith

    Product Owner
    Integrity Elements

    Ian is a Principal Systems Analyst and is the product owner of our Coabis application. With a civil engineering background, Ian has more than 20 years experience in the design, development, deployment and support of software across a number of sectors, ranging from oil and gas to finance. Ian will be working with Aize’s dedicated customer success team to ensure a smooth transition from Coabis to Integrity Elements as well as the onboarding of new customers.

  • Christoffer Nilsen-Aas

    Christoffer Nilsen-Aas 

    Snr Director Product Manager
     Integrity Elements

    Christoffer is product manager for Integrity Elements. Christoffer’s key responsibilities is to set and execute product objectives aligned with Aize’s high-level strategy and in close cooperation with our clients. He has 17 years’ experience within the oil and gas subsea domain covering all phases of subsea asset life cycle. He leverages his technical domain expertise in combination with a profound interest in novel digital techniques to research, develop and implement innovative digital solutions within oil and gas, renewables, and other domains.   


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