Experience counts

At Aize we have built on over 30 years of inspection and integrity software knowledge, across 30+ customers and over 1600 assets, to integrate some of the leading technologies, competencies, expertise and applications into a completely scalable, interconnected and future ready solution. 

Foundation Elements

Foundation Elements

The foundation elements contain everything you need for the planning, execution and reporting of inspections: Anomaly management, basic analytics, updating of RBI programs, and handling of photos, video and digital measurements.

FE- Surfs 2

SURF- Subsea

Covers Subsea Production System (SPS), Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines as well as all structural data associated with the SPS and related infrastructure. Includes:

  • ROV DVR integration
  • Video overlay
  • Live reporting
  • Offline mode

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FE - Pipelines 2


Covers both subsea and land-based pipelines. Handles and correlates:

  • ILI data
  • External inspection data
  • Bathymetric data
  • Multi-channel video feeds

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FE - Mechanical2

Coming Soon

Covers topside and onshore pressure and process systems, and related equipment:

  • Vessels
  • Valves
  • Piping
  • Fittings and associated hardware
  • Structures and supports.

Includes corrosion management, fabric maintenance and anomaly management. Mobile inspection interface in online or offline mode.


Coming Soon

Covers fixed and floating load bearing structures and hulls as well as topsides modules and related structures. Possible to link with structural models to identify hotspots and optimize inspection programs.

Beyond the basics

Integrity Elements dashboard NEW
Integrity Elements dashboard 4
Integrity Elements dashboard-1
Integrity Elements dashboard 2

Quick, accurate overview and status

Complete anomaly management and control

Automate your entire programme

Analytics at your fingertips

Expansion Elements

Expansion Elements

The expansion elements are designed to further enhance the planning, execution and reporting of inspections while improving overall analysis capabilities

Mobile Inspection

Integrity Elements cloud-based architecture enables access on any computer and handheld device, enabling operators in the field to quickly find equipment, information and data as well as access instant support when needed. The Mobile Inspection module includes functionality such as:

  • Access to all relevant documentation and history in the field
  • Work packages and inspection tasks
  • Smart ISO’s and inspection points
  • Real time and automatic data collection
  • Add notes; speech and digital marking on drawings, photo and video
  • Connection to handheld inspection equipment for immediate data capture
  • 3D models to help inspectors find the inspection location more efficiently and report results more accurately
EE - mobile Inspetion 2

IRM Operations & ROV Simulation

Coming soon

Optimising your ROV inspections and associated IRM (Inspection Repair and Maintenance) activities is of prime importance when we consider the significant OPEX cost and overall infrastructure required for these campaigns.

Our dedicated expansion module for Integrity Elements lets you quickly and effectively simulate all IRM operations including the ROV inspection routes to optimise the inspection of your subsea assets. We do this all within the Aize Twin Explorer expansion.

The result is better scope generation, faster execution of inspections and in turn immediate and measurable cost savings against existing programmes.

ROV SImuation 2

Drone & Robotics

Coming soon

The Drones & Robotics module contains inspection functionality for planning and managing inspections with drones, crawlers and robots as well as maintaining data and simplifying reporting:

  • Logging of drone flights in accordance with regulations
  • Planning of inspection routes and transfer of route to the unit for support to the operator and future autonomous operation
  • Displayed of inspection tasks on the operator's / inspector's screen
  • Reporting and tagging of video and photos directly on the screen
  • Integration with AI based automatic defect recognition to mention a few of the features
EE - Drone & Robotics2

Dynamic Integrity Assessment

The Dynamic Integrity Assessment module connects directly to process data and inspection data to enable advanced FEM analysis for quantification of condition and provide "live" or "dynamic" assessment of process, system or individual component condition.

The module can be used to manage and explore the Integrity Operating Window (IOW) and calculate Rest Life (RL) and Fitness for Service (FfS) based on current and future operating conditions. This enables a much more focused and optimised inspection program


Automatic Anomaly Recognition

The Automatic Anomaly Recognition module enables the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to automatically recognise, classify and report on a variety of damage mechanisms such as

  • Coating damage and corrosion
  • Surface cracks,
  • Object recognition
  • Identify missing objects or misplaced objects
  • Marine growth

RBI Analysis

The RBI Analysis module provides functionality for inclusion of RBI programs for offshore and onshore facilities based on qualitative and quantitative methodologies within DNVGL-RP-G101 and API 580 as well as company specific procedures and requirements. A dedicated RBI module will be available soon covering the following topics:
  • Damage mechanism assignment
  • Probability of failure
  • Consequence of failure and risk calculations
  • Interpretation of assessment results
  • Formulation of inspections plans 
  • Integration with Dynamic Integrity Assessment or FFS models to accurately identify hotspots and optimize new and existing RBI programs combining inspection results and current process conditions
Your digital twin

Your digital twin

Your Industry Needs Game Changers

All data can be visualised and analysed in the digital twin. 

  • Step change in efficiency better data, better results, less work
  • Fewer resources remove unnecessary effort by automating the complete programme
  • Less searching confidence in the available data and supporting information through a single visual interface
  • Improved workflow faster execution and analysis
  • Closer collaboration bringing data and teams together

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How we help

Grab a byte

Every bit of data is within reach, for every team member.


Twin it to win it

Create digital twins that perfectly replicate your physical assets.


Get Connected

We enable a mobile workforce. All data is available–anywhere, anytime on any device.


SURF’s up

...and so is topside, pipelines and onshore facilities. Include all the assets you want.


Keep moving

Your main platform is now mobile. Enjoy end-to-end integrity management with every imaginable feature.


AI to eye

Too much data to handle? Our apps connect the dots and give you the visuals.


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Integrity and inspection deserve better software. We have been doing it for 30 years and have the technology, the people and the opportunity to do it in a different way.

Jason Brown, SVP Sales Operate
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