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Let’s connect the dots

When you build or operate an offshore production facility, a refinery or a wind farm, it takes super-human abilities to see the complete picture at all times. If you’re tired of playing catch-up, you’re not alone. Enough is enough. Go Aize it.

Aize creates value across domains

Asset management
Maintenance and TAR
Engineering and construction
Integrity management

Take real care of your health

Access your operating and supporting engineering data in one place to get insights into your asset's state and cumulative risk.

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  • monitor_manage

    Monitor and manage cumulative risk, asset integrity, anomalies and barriers with confidence.

  • analyse-and-query

    Visually analyse and query a variety of key maintenance and reliability performance indicators.

  • integrate

    Integrate internal and third-party offerings into a single source of truth.

  • explore

    Explore feedback on faults, and call off work you don't need.


No more planning in the dark

Confidence in information and easier collaboration means more efficient and accurate maintenance and turnaround planning, avoiding field trips and cutting costs.

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  • visualise-manage

    Visualise and manage
    your maintenance backlog.

  • reduce-costly-trips-1

    Reduce costly trips
    by moving planning functions onshore.

  • link

    Connect the maintenance technician to optimise collaboration and efficiency.

  • conduct-intelligent-planning

    Conduct intelligent isolation planning, resource loading and manage interfaces.


Build faster, safer and cheaper

Aize lets you reduce the number of documents, improve workflows and efficiency and work safer.

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  • execute-projects

    Execute your projects with confidence with fewer meetings, lost documents and re-work.

  • collaborate

    Collaborate across teams, various data types or surfaces.

  • overview-1

    Get the true overview. Have your information visualised in 3D. Advance your people's insights.

  • unburden-1

    Unburden yourself of a high degree of manual coordination.


Trust what you see

Integrate condition monitoring tools and inspection data to ensure the integrity of your assets in real-time.

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  • easy-access

    Get easy access to trustworthy information.

  • answer-questions

    Answer all questions by showing clear evidence: The data, the findings, and the history.

  • inspect

    Plan and conduct inspections with overview and confidence.

  • execute-projects

    Save time, cut costs and feel safe.

See how Aize works

All insights at your fingertips

Streamline relevant data that are suited to your needs and replace guesswork with trusted information.

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Operate assets with Aize

Manage work on your operating assets. Aize offers domain-specific modules and tools that let you operate and maintain your facilities. 

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Build assets with Aize

Connect all stakeholders in capital projects to streamline engineering, construction and change management processes. 

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"Our clients are more focused on digitalisation than ever, always looking for opportunities to lower costs and increase efficiency in their projects. Aize enables us to offer them solutions that previously did not exist, and together we are changing the way our customers and we work. We are cutting paperwork, improving processes, and working more safely than before."

Jarand Inge Helland - Digitalisation expert, Aker Solutions