Aize transforms data into digital twins

All-digital engineering and operations through your digital twin

01 // Build

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It takes two to untangle

Heavy asset projects are extremely complex. Construct your digital twin using Aize Build and watch the efficiency and quality skyrocket.

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02 // Operate

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Data is money

Aize Operate combines reliable asset data with advanced machine learning. Put your digital twin to use and optimise operation and maintenance.

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What we do

What we do

The Digital Twin:
Assets at Your Fingertips

The Aize digital twin can be the heart of your project, and be the digital avatar of your asset throughout its entire lifecycle, enabling the online ecosystems that connect stakeholders throughout the value chain.

Real-world events are mirrored to your Aize digital twin. And because it takes note of what happened yesterday, last week and last year, it can help you decide the best course of action, and even predict what might happen down the road. Ease of access and great collaboration features means everyone who needs to know, knows.

Who are we

Aize represents a new dawn

Your Industry Needs Game Changers

Aize represents a new dawn: A platform for fully digitalised engineering and operations – through the digital twin.

The upside of streamlining heavy asset projects is immense, both by upping the game for asset-based industries, as well as in the pursuit of a sustainable society. But minor adjustments – or even major adjustments won’t take us there. Only radical change will suffice.

Join us in making manual processes, delays and rework a thing of the past.

Are you keeping up?

A changing environment

The world is changing. Are you keeping up?

We are overusing our planet's resources.  This is a finite path. At the same time, our society is based on growth. So we need to figure out how our economy will work in the future, we need to figure out how we can do more, using less. Use less time, less energy, less resources, removing waste.

And that’s exactly what we want to do. The way we see your data, and the way we help you collaborate through seeing things differently, lets you complete your project faster, leaner, with considerable efficiency, and with smarter operations. 

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Be different

We see things differently.

We create applications that connect your data sources and let people collaborate effectively.

We believe in seeing things differently to make a difference.

Collaboration is at the heart of our business. We make data collaborate, so that people can collaborate - making the complex intuitive, and removing inefficiencies from projects and operations.

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Got the skills to work for Aize?

Other positions: let’s talk

Would you like to join us in transforming the energy industry, enabling its transition to a greener, more sustainable future? We’re looking for digital prodigies who can help us solve the most daunting industrial challenges out there.

Skills are a prerequisite. Other than that, our hiring policy is like a game of Tetris: We believe the magic happens when you put different shapes together. So come as you are, bring your chops, and we’ll make sure you’ll feel right at home.

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